Arrow Production Limited

Arrow Production Limited, production house that provides the rental service of P.A. system and musical instruments also arrange different function and variety show, has been established since 1987. In the beginning, the company had not yet well developed and it had a few types of equipment only. However, in that following five-year, it became expanded and started to purchase more sound-equipment and musical instrument. On the other hands, Arrow Production Limited has changed its character from a middle-man to an individual company. In the very beginning, it acted as a middle-man to distribute different function to those suitable company. But now, it is really different. Arrow Production has its own warehouse and a large number of P.A. equipment and musical instruments are stored. Arrow Production now provides a confidant. It is believed that a confident and well-arranged service can be provided.

Service Area

As described before, Arrow Production Limited provide the rental service of P.A. system and instrument for carnival, company’s and product’s promotion and even a speech.

Show and Function

In the meanwhile, Arrow Production Limited also hold different function e.g. Social Dance’s Night and variety show for different companies’ annual dinners and special events. While operating these kinds of show, we provide all parts of entertainment thoroughly. Beside the rental service, we also invite musicians and artists as special. Arrangement is an important service of our production house. After considering what kinds of functions or shows will be held, we can plan and arrange what you need thoroughly. We would be grateful if we can provide a considerable proposal of those required functions and we spend our whole effort to achieve them fulfill what you want and need.

Sound and lighting equipment rental

ARROW PRODUCTION LIMITED is pleased to offer our professional service to all parties in need. Our service including:

  • Professional performance team (Eg. magic, dance performance and lion dance)
  • Artists and professional singers performance
  • Professional sound system rental and installation
  • Professional stage lighting system rental and installation
  • Karaoke system rental
  • Recording and special sound effect service
  • Event organizing service